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  • Light (and durable) aluminum  enclosure
  • Solar disconnect switch
  • 24V pallet jack disconnect switch
  • Improved vibration resistance
  • Cut-to-length wire installation
  • Improved functionality

No more dead batteries.

Solar Benefits

Stay charged and on the move. Eliminate battery-related downtime and idling. Ideal for companies making multiple stops in a day, Go Power! solar solutions put a stop to idling and power issues.

Eliminate Downtime

Batteries always charged and ready, eliminating the need for service calls after vehicle inactivity.

Extend Battery Life

Triple the life of your liftgate batteries. Topping up batteries with solar extends battery life from months to years.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Eliminating service calls and fleet downtime means more on-time deliveries and happier customers.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Eliminate idling and save $25-40 per day in fuel costs. Power your loads without idling or using a generator.

The newest charging solution from solar industry leader Go Power! builds on its best-selling solar charging system with new and improved components. Building on industry feedback, the innovative charging solution has been fortified for the harsh demands of the trucking industry.

Improvements Include:

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